Analytics Canvas

Analytics Canvas is a powerful tool and framework for data analytics.

Made by nModal Solutions, a Canadian corporation based in Toronto, founded by James Standen, the Analytics Canvas framework offers a fast, cost effective solution to ever more complex analytics problems.

Originally designed as a visualization tool to allow analysts to easily connect to various data sources, perform calculations and other data transformation tasks, then export the data to other databases and files for storage and visualization, Analytics Canvas developed a following among Google Analytics customers who began using it for advanced web analytics reporting.

Within months of adding the Google Analytics connector, Analytics Canvas was featured by Google on its application gallery and James was invited to present at the 2011, 2012 and 2014 Google Analytics Partner’s Summits and has been highlighted on the Google Analytics Blog

Now part of Google’s “Trusted tester” program, nModal solutions has early access to new Google Analytics functionality, ensuring that their tools are at the leading edge of web analytics.  Recent enhancements have focused on advanced solutions for Google Analytics Premium and Google Big Query customers.

While a key area of focus is the Google Analytics ecosystem, Analytics Canvas is used by individuals and companies all around the world to visualize, automate and enhance a variety of data analytics processes.



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