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Analytics Canvas V1.8.4 released

Analytics Canvas V1.8.4

We are pleased to announce the release of Analytics Canvas V1.8.4. The latest version gives you new ways to export data, more options to help you prepare dashboards, access to the new version of Google AdWords API, and an enhanced Google BigQuery connector. Do more with Google Sheets We have added some enhanced Google Sheets…

Analytics Canvas V1.8.1 Released

analytics canvas welcome screen

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Analytics Canvas Version 1.8.1.  Thank-you to our loyal customers for their suggestions, our beta testers for their contributions, and our hard-working staff who helped make this into one of our most comprehensive releases to date. In Version 1.7.5 we focused on enhancing our integration with Tableau,…

TWB vs TWBX in Tableau

TWB vs TWBX in Tableau

Tableau Workbook File (TWB) is an XML document. It contains the information about your sheets, dashboards and stories. The TWB file references a data source file such as Excel or TDE, and when you save the TWB file, it is linked to the source. The most important thing to remember about TWB files is that…

Understanding Google Analytics Conversion Funnels with Analytics Canvas


The beauty of analyzing conversion funnels in Analytics Canvas is that you don’t have to wait for the data to be collected after you’ve set up your goals. You can create any funnel you want. Start by identifying your biggest funnel. Look at how the majority of visitors end up on your site: where they…

Latest Analytics Canvas released at Tableau Conference 2015

Latest Analytics Canvas released at Tableau Conference 2015

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Analytics Canvas, and to be doing it here in Las Vegas at the Tableau Conference 2015. We are here with 12,000 other Tableau fanatics getting ready for the major Tableau event of the year. We’re looking forward to showing off our Data Kung FU, and to meeting…

7 Reasons to Start Report Automation

Report Automation

Do you often find yourself spending hours manually extracting data cutting and pasting to create reports, and then have to repeat the whole thing, time and time again? Consolidating data across sources, crunching numbers and creating reports can be a tedious process. Nobody likes doing the same things over and over. How much better it would be…

Need an alternative to blocking referral spam?

Need an alternative to blocking referral spam?

Have you heard of referral spam? You may have seen it in your Google Analytics. It junks up your reports. It creates a lot of noise in your data. It wastes your time. It skews your online marketing results. Referrer spam is not a new phenomenon, but it has taken a serious turn this year….

Analytics Canvas V1.7.6 Available

Analytics Canvas V1.7.6 Available

We are pleased to announce that V1.7.6 of Analytics Canvas is now available. This release has a number of new features which greatly expand what is possible with Analytics Canvas. Referral Spam Detection We now have a powerful new ability to detect referral spam- and if you can detect it you can eliminate it from…

3 Hidden Gems in Analytics Canvas

3 Hidden Gems

Every now and then, the Analytics Canvas team will go over the features that our users – you guys! – frequently use. And, what we find is that it is often the case the majority of you will use just a small number of the features available to you. Now, this hurts our developers’ feelings!…

Analytics Canvas now with direct integration with Tableau

Analytics Canvas and Tableau

Anyone who has used Tableau Software knows how powerful dynamic visual analytics can be. But they also know sometimes it can be hard to get the data ready when it is coming from multiple sources, and requires cleaning or preparation. Getting that data in shape is exactly what Analytics Canvas is best at- Canvas gets…