Google Analytics adds demographic data and minute level resolution to Core Reporting API

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Google Analytics adds demographic data and minute level resolution to Core Reporting API

Google announced some new dimensions recently, and thanks to the Google Analytics meta data API support in Analytics Canvas they were available immediately to all Analytics Canvas users.

One of the interesting developments is an increase in the time resolution from hour to minute. This opens up all sorts of time of day analysis to sites using Google Analytics. It is now possible to analyze visit patterns based on the exact time of day to the minute that the visit started.

Of course, as has been the pattern, as Google releases more functionality to the standard version of GA, the premium version of GA gets even more- with the new BigQuery integration, Google Analytics Premium customers can now track exact hit time down to the millisecond. We’ve been working with BigQuery extensively, and we’ll be releasing some amazing new functionality within Analytics Canvas in the new year- premium customers interested in this should signup here.

Demographic data

The other important addition to the core reporting API is access to the new demographics data now available in GA.

You need to do a small code change to enable this feature, but once you do, Analytics Canvas can query the new dimensions that include gender, age and interest information.

To discover how easy it is to take advantage of the core reporting API by using Analytics Canvas (and to keep up to date on the latest capabilities such as these that Google is constantly adding) give Analytics Canvas a try with our 30 day free trial.

This article was written by James Standen

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